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For Screenwriters and Authors who want to

work "with" their creativity, not "on" it.


I'm Chris.

What can I help you with today?

(I hope that didn't sound too salesy...)


Are you looking for a space to create healthy writing habits, build self-confidence, accountability, and more?

Get 50% off and

introductory membership for life!

Limited Time!

Got your writing habits down and just need some special/unique guidance on your WIP?

Through Flow Your MoJo, I empower screenwriters and authors to approach their creative works from different angles to establish healthy “in flow” writing habits and eliminate those pesky migraines while becoming a successful writer. 


Unlike other writing guides I use tarot cards to guide writers to access all six senses -- or more -- so that when they write, they do it with confidence and in their unique voice, create faster, and improve their writing quality to reach their full career potential.

I also write LGBTQ+ books that will eventually be banned. 

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