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Beach Town

Yes, I know,

Tarot cards get a bad wrap for being 'evil,' but they're not!

I swear!

They really are just pieces of paper -

with pretty images on them!

(On a more personal note,

I have found them extremely helpful with mediation,

and I'm also available to do personal readings,

but those are both completely different subjects.)

The imagery on tarot cards can be helpful when bringing more depth to any creative endeavor,

however, I'm not going to teach you about the meanings of the cards or all the different spreads out there.

I'm going to help you access your 5 senses

- Feel (emotionally), see, smell, touch, and hear -

before writing the first word of your project.

​I have 50+ decks that you can pick from to match your current WIP (Work in Progress);

and if I don't have a deck you'd like to use, I'll buy it and add it to my collection before we work together!




I swear I won't claim any copyright, ownership, or tell anyone about your project, unless you allow me to. 

I don't need that karma. 



Consider my services a creative starting point; feel free to make changes to whatever is said during your reading(s).


​I enjoy practicing and using the tarot and just want to help.

Plus I'm always open to trying something new!

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No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


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