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Tarot for Children's/Kids Writers - February 2024

First: I usually post these in video format on my YouTube Channel, however at the time of this post I am dealing with Covid/sore throat, so it really hurts to talk.

Second: This energetic reading wasn't aimed at minors who are writers, this was aimed at anyone writing a Children/Kids story

Third: Y'all have complete free will with this reading -- Take it or leave it. Sometimes a reading doesn't make sense right up front so let it marinate throughout the month. You are also allowed to see something different in the cards than me.

Take this month slow. Yes, that Knight of Wands is the first card, so, jumping into action will probably be your first instinct, but the last card is the Queen of Coins. with the cards that follow the Knight of Wands, there seems to be some butting of heads that will be happening. This could be notes you get back on your project, maybe someone who thinks you're wasting your time with writing this story, or you might even feel a lack of support because of all the 2's that are reversed. Hold your head up high and keep going after the vision that you're envisioning. That Moon reversed seems like the Bully and a lack of external support might get to you this month. Just keep that in mind and keep pushing forward.

Numbers to pay attention to are: 2, 2, 15, 7, 6, 1, 2, 2, 3, 18 = 5+8 = 1+3 = 4 = Emperor. Remember to protect yourself and your project from others who might want it, or you, to fail. Keep an eye out for those energies this month.

Elements: Fire 2, Air 3, Earth 2, Water 3 -- For every emotion that comes up, try to have a rational thought to accompany it. You don't want either of those to get out of hand this month.

Planets: Saturn, Neptune, Mercury

Astrological signs: Gemini and Pisces seem to be the strongest here, Capricorn would be the third one.

Colors: Yellow and White, but Blue also is poking through...

Masculine presenting: 4

Feminie presenting: 6

Non-Binary presenting: 3 (moon animals), 2 Arms (in 2 of Cups), 1 Horse

Writing Prompts for you:

Coffee, Discovery, and "what is the one thing each of your main characters will never sacrifice? Tempt them to sacrifice it."

Come back at the end of the month and tell me how the months played out!

I do have a Patreon where I am giving more specific writing prompts. Take a look at it here. I'm open to changes as it all depends on what the Patrons need/want from the experience. To follow me on my other social media accounts, here's my LinkTree.

Thanks for stopping by!

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