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Flow Your MoJo Writer's Block Program

Roles & Responsibilities

Client Roles & Responsibilities

Please read down this list of client roles and responsibilities. These are pitfalls to be aware of and keep in mind as you move through the process so you can be successful. 

1. I highly suggest staying with one project throughout the program. You'll get further along with the project than you would if you skipped around to different projects every week - but that's entirely up to you.


2. Stay in your lane as you go through the process. Everyone inside is at a different place in terms of their writing journey. So it will not serve you to compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to where you were yesterday.

3. Stay in your lane when it comes to what you see in the tarot cards as well. Everyone inside - me, you, others - is allowed to see something different in the cards. Again, it will not serve you to compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to where you were yesterday. Go with your gut feeling. That is the correct interpretation.


4. When you need help, it will be your job to reach out and ask for it. I will not try to anticipate your needs and cannot read minds - I do not claim to be a psychic. I'll do my best to check in if I do not hear from you for an unusual amount of time. In the end, it is still up to you to book your readings. In between your readings, feel free to reach out for support if something from a past reading doesn't make sense. Sometimes it does take a few days for a reading to make sense, so don't force it and don't ask for a new reading because you don't like the cards you were dealt. Sit with them. Maybe they will inspire an aspect you never even thought of.


5. Please don't treat me or this program as an emergency service. You are allowed to lean on this group for support, but don't post things to the group or message me with things like "HELP!" or "EMERGENCY!", "I'm having a meltdown!" Writing is not an emergency. Remember why you signed up for this program in the first place -- to slow down and let your intuition guide you. Please take the proper steps you need to have the emotional support you require to be successful. 


6. If you are needing help with any tech or any app accounts, I encourage you to take some time to research and figure it out on your own using tutorials and other web tools, or to go to the pros themselves. I only know so much myself. I will not try to help you with computer issues, network issues, account issues, or any account issues (unless it's with my sites) as again this is out of my scope.


7. I often get asked how quickly will you begin to see results with this program. How quickly you get results is entirely dependent on how quickly you move (without rushing through the process). I will help you with as much of your story as I can, but it's your job to remember the world you're creating more than me as your writing project is not mine. It belongs to you.


8. Understand that I will not be giving feedback on your project directly. Any project you work on is yours and only yours. I do not claim any story copyright. Everything belongs to you. I may give options on story, structure, character, plot, outline, publishing, contacts, etc.  Our main focus here is self-growth, accessing your intuition, and speeding up your writing process. Writer's choice. You are allowed to take what resonates and leave what doesn't.


9. As your tarot reader/writing mentor, I may not tell you what you want or expected to hear. I will always be upfront and honest with you about what I see in the cards. This is also a personal growth process as well as growth for your writing. I'm here to tell you what I see in the cards and where the cards are telling you to start. You are allowed to take what resonates or leave what doesn't. What the cards say at the time of any reading is not set in stone.

10. The only way you can fail is if you ghost or give up. You will get everything you need in this program to access your intuition, see your project from a new perspective, visualize before you write, access your 6 senses, gain confidence in who you are as a writer and your voice, and write in a way that allows your reader to feel like they are experiencing your story, not just reading it. However, results you get in this program are dependent on the amount of effort you put in. You put in 50% effort, you get 50% results. If your intention is to just do the minimum amount of effort, you get minimum results. We are responsible in delivering you information and guidance. You are responsible for the overall outcome of your business.

"Biggest reasons businesses fail is not because of the lack of resources, but because of their lack of resourcefulness" - Tony Robbins


"I acknowledge my duties, roles, and responsibilities and commit to taking my part in ownership during my time in the process."



In accordance with several countries, I have to say that tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and there’s no guarantee how accurate a reading will be. Everyone has free will and must take responsibility for their life choices.

Client Agreement


I will be present and allow space for you and your question to be properly answered in the time we agreed upon. 

A reading is an exchange of energy. Be present, honest, and come with an open mind to get the most out of the experience.

I come from more of a self help standpoint to help clients to see their options. I’m not a predictive reader and can’t offer medical, legal, or financial advice. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to not ask the tarot the same question back to back. Coming to a reading with an open mind is more empowering than a expecting the tarot to tell you something that you already know or have already decided what to do with.

I have a calendar on my website for you book a session with me, however, since I work in the entertainment industry, my schedule changes frequently. Feel free to email me if the times in my calendar don’t work for you. Payment must be made prior to the start of the session. No refunds will be given after a session has started or finished. If you must cancel, please do so up to 24 hours prior to the reading so I can make other arrangements, if needed.

Expect to have an open and honest conversation with me so we can really dig down deep into the message the tarot is telling you. Anything said will be kept between us as it is nobody else’s business. 

Please be open and honest with me about your concerns and if there’s something I can do to accommodate you, I will. I feel that I try to make everyone feel welcome and safe around me. If I’ve upset you in anyway, I’d rather know about it than have you walk away resentful of the experience.

In accordance with several countries, I have to say that tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and there’s no guarantee how accurate a reading will be. Everyone has free will and must take responsibility for their life choices. 

I welcome feedback —  good and bad! I’m human and am constantly learning how to improve myself and want to be more self aware in life and during readings. 

Code of Ethics


I believe that there are unexplained energies of this world and that however any human decides to believe in that energy is up to them. I believe the tarot can be used as a tool to unlock subconscious messages and to help people see situations from an outside perspective. 

I’ve also found how to use the tarot to clear creative blockages and can be used as a starting point that helps prevent people from staring at a blank screen, not knowing where or how to start.

Creative Projects - I will keep my client’s creative project(s) to myself as it is not my place to tell others, unless the client had given me written permission to do so — especially in Hollywood. I promise to pull my own cards for my creative projects and not use a client’s reading for selfish purposes. (I don't need that karma.)

Personal Questions - I will keep my client’s question to myself and not tell other’s about the reading. Should I need to reference a past reading in a present one, I will be sure to change names and obvious information for the client’s safety.

I feel that it is only right for me as the reader to be the messenger and to tell the client the good, the bad, and everything inbetween. If an uncomfortable subject comes up, I will be as supportive as I can to the client without letting my personal beliefs interfere with the reading.

I  feel that I do not have permission from people who are not sitting in front of me during a reading to do a reading on them. My readings are geared toward the person asking the tarot the question. I will read for minors with a parent or guardian’s permission. 

I’m not knowledgeable enough in these areas to give professional advice. What I can do, is advise you on how to emotionally deal with said condition.

 If you are looking for this kind of reading/advice, please seek out someone else who is more knowledgable in these areas and remember to do your research on the individual you choose to use. 

I am not a predictive tarot reader for the success or failure of creative projects or outcomes of personal questions. Based on the energies present at the time of the reading, I can give possible scenarios and solutions, but because everyone has free will, things can change at a moments notice — especially with situations where multiple people are involved — even if an individual is not present at the time of the reading.

Billing & Mindset Agreement

Billing & Agreement

“I am investing in a 3-Month Writing Program to make a stronger connection with my readers. All payments will be made as follows:

In Full: $2497


3 monthly payments of $1100 (one-thousand, one hundred dollars) for a total of $3300 (Thirty-three hundred dollars) starting on the date this contract is signed.

I understand that there are no refunds once the program has started. When refunds are an option, you end up with "one foot in and one foot out" mentality which is what will keep you from success. We walk to eliminate that option and mentality for you. It is to your benefit to decide before purchasing, that you are committing to the program and all the way through. I may, at any time, decide to discontinue my attendance in the program, however, payments will continue as agreed upon. This is to hold you to the program to ensure your success. Success in this program requires your full investment all the way through. Appointment changes need to be made 24 hours in advance.

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to complete this process as recommended.

By signing this form, I confirm that all information is true to the best of my knowledge."

Thanks! Let's Go! Please take screenshots of this page for your records.

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