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Complete this survey for a FREE tarot reading for your screenplay or manuscript!
This will be available until March 18, 2024.
Please share with other writers who'd be interested in a free tarot reading! 

Free Tarot Reading Survey for Screenwriters and Authors
Do you have any experience with tarot cards?
When you need more information/research for your project(s), where do you go? Check all that apply.
What does your life look like right now? Check all that apply.
Do any of these apply to your experience with other/past writing guides/coaches?
What are your 3 biggest pain points right now?

Thank you!​

Your Free Tarot Reading Promo code has been emailed to you! 



I guide screenwriters and authors to connect more deeply with their craft, create faster, and improve their writing quality, so that they are more likely to have a thriving professional career as a writer.


Unlike other writing guides I use tarot cards to help writers access all six senses -- yes, six -- so that they can raise their self-confidence in their unique voice and reach their full career potential. 

 - certified tarot advisor from

Biddy Tarot 

- been living in Los Angeles for 17 years

 - and come from a TV/web series background

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