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16-Week Writing Guidance Package

- Defeat writer's block and
impostor syndrome
- Write faster w/o sacrificing quality
- Motivation
- Add new skills to your tool box
- 1:1 and group coaching
at the same time

The form below is designed to get a better understanding of where you're currently at with your situation and writing journey; it'll help me to see your answers in your own words. 

These questions might be a little uncomfortable, but rest assured they will be kept confidential, and only be used to assess if you would be a good fit for this guidance package.  

'Flow Your MoJo' Intake Form
Do you need to address this problem right now? Is this urgent?
Are you willing, able to, or can find a way to invest $1K to $3K in finishing this current project, and defeat your writer's block and impostor syndrome symptoms?

Thank you! I’ll be in touch.

Your Creative MoJo

Activation Consultant:


 - certified tarot advisor from

Biddy Tarot 

- been living in Los Angeles for 17 years

 - and come from a TV/web series background


I help screenwriters and novelists access their creative mojo so they can defeat writer's block for good and make their stories feel so real that readers beg for more.

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