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While I can, do, and believe in the power of

Life Advice Tarot Readings/Consults

(Career, Love, Money)

I've mostly developed my practice with the intention to

guide (fiction) Screenwriters and Authors to

write with their authentic creative voices.

To discover more about my 'Flow Your MoJo' Community,

Click Here

otherwise continue below for a Personal Tarot Consultation Session.

I have 65+ themed decks


5 cloth colors to chose from

for a more personalized experience.

Plus, I'm always open to trying something new! ​

Chris-Biddy Certification.jpeg

Please allow up to one week for delivery

($44 total, not each day)

Personal or Writing 2 Card spread of what to look out for each day of the week


(Click each one to enhance)

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Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 5.06.02 PM.png
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