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Life Advice Tarot Readings

Most frequently associated with

Career, Love, and/or Money

To request assistance with a Writing Project,

click here.

I have 60+ themed Tarot decks - see them below -

that you can pick from for a more personalized experience.
​You also get to choose the color of cloth you'd like your cards laid out on!

Plus, I'm always open to trying something new! ​

Chris-Biddy Certification.jpeg

5 things I feel a querent (you) should know before their reading:

1. Most people think the Tarot is "All-Knowing," however I believe a Tarot reading can empower a querent to make active life choices. I believe people have Free Will to listen or ignore the message and that anything said in the reading is not set in stone.

2. You may need to let the reading marinate for a few days before any of it makes sense.


​3. The querent is allowed to see something completely different in the cards than what I'm seeing as they have more information about the question than I do.


4.  One question per spread is the best approach to get the clearest answer.


5. I DO NOT offer predictive readings (Example: When will I get married?), give medical diagnosis, legal, or financial advice as I am not knowledgeable in those areas.

$20 USD

Random Tarot Reading

ONLY offered at a

Coffee Shop or on a TV/Movie Set

$40 USD

7 Consecutive Days

($40 total, not each day)

Personal 2 Card spread of what to look out for on the day - Emailed daily

$60 USD

Written/Emailed Reading

(Please allow up to one week for delivery)

$80 USD

One-Hour Virtual Reading

$125 USD

I Drive to Your Home


Local Los Angeles only - Within 30 miles of Hollywood and Highland

$150/hr USD

Party Entertainment

Prefer this to be at least a 4-hour booking which includes:

One Hour Set up, Two Hours of reading time, One Hour wrap.


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