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 is about Scott, a gay father, who has mre of a "best-friend-type" relationship with his straight son, Max. When Joyce, Scott's conservative mother, barges into Scott and Max's life, she openly expresses her feelings about gay parenting.

This was my first independent project. There are are few different versions floating around which has caused some confusion for viewers, and I can clear all that up right now. 

In the version below, I made Scott and Max YouTube bloggers. It ran for two seasons consisting of a total of 53 episodes in total (Fall of 2014 and Spring of 2015). I had another 25 ready to go for Fall 2015, but the series was canceled - though never say never. 

I believe that Scott and Max will return - one way or another.

I was the Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, Casting Director, Assistant Director, Director, Director of Photography (with help from Jairo), Camera Operator, Sound, Editor, Social Media Manager, Props, and Crafty. (It looks like I'm a control freak. Getting experience in all these different departments was great, but it wasn't the plan at all.)

Scott and Max's videos/episodes can be seen here:

Scott Hislop.jpg

Scott Hislop as Scott Young

Skyler Seymour.jpg

Skyler Seymour as Max Sherman

Tammy Taylor.jpg

Tammy Taylor as Joyce Young

In 2013, I wrote 13 episodes, each about ten minutes in length, and wanted to film them like a real TV show.

I hired a crew and went through a long casting process. Below are the actors who I proudly worked with to bring Scott and Max's story to life. The project was never completed because of a number of reasons, which is why the video blog version was created. 

​These videos can be seen here:

Craig Watkinson.png

Craig Watkinson as Scott Young

Skyler Seymour 2.jpg

Skyler Seymour as Max Sherman

Tammy Taylor 2.jpg

Tammy Taylor as Joyce Young

Jessica Sirls.jpeg

Jessica Sirls as Amy

Amanda McDonougue.jpg

Amanda McDonough as Beth

Todd Lanker.jpg

Todd Carlton Lanker as Dylan

Nathaniel Weiss.jpg

Nathaniel Weiss as Eric


Julia Morizawa as Elsie

Jaron Ferguson.jpg

Jaron Ferguson as Sean

Robin Thorsen.jpg

Robin Thorsen as Patricia Cake

Chris Salvatore.jpg

Chris Salvatore as Himself

Jason Stuart.jpg

Jason Stewart as Principal O'Dell


Daniel MK Cohen as Gary

Below is the first cast of Just Us Guys ever.  

The stories filmed with this cast were designed to be a prequel to the one hour pilot.
I hired a crew, went through a casting process, and was filmed over Thanksgiving weekend in 2012.

These episodes can be seen here:

Danny Marks Jr.jpg

Danny Marks Jr. as Scott

Mathew Boehm.jpg

Matthew Boehm as Max

Charlie Smith.jpg

Charlie Smith as Sean


Daniel MK Cohen as Gary

Claudia Dibbs.jpg

Claudia Dibbs as Amy

Ryan Stout.jpg

Ryan Stout as Himself

Phylica Goings.jpg

Phylicia Goings as Elsie

Todd Lanker.jpg

Todd Carlton Lanker as Dylan

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