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5 things I feel a querent (you) should know before their reading:

1. Most people think the Tarot is "All-Knowing," however I believe a Tarot reading can empower a querent to make active life choices. I believe people have Free Will to listen or ignore the message and that anything said in the reading is not set in stone.

2. You may need to let the reading marinate for a few days before any of it makes sense.


​3. The querent is allowed to see something completely different in the cards than what I'm seeing as they have more information about the question than I do.


4.  One question per spread is the best approach to get the clearest answer.


5. I DO NOT offer predictive readings (Example: When will I get married?), give medical diagnosis, legal, or financial advice as I am not knowledgeable in those areas.

Personal Tarot Reading Intake Form
I've had a Tarot Reading before
I've reviewed Chris' Code of Ethics.
I've reviewed Chris' Client Agreement.


I work differently than most Tarot readers as I DO NOT want to know your question before the reading, so please don't tell me before or during our session. What I will need to know is what the subject of the question is - usually career, love, money - since I don't consider myself a psychic, I at least what general direction/spread I need to use. 


Since I am not a predictive reader, asking a definitive question would not be beneficial. Examples would be:


When will I get my dream job?

When will I get married?

Where am I going to move to next year?

Will I go broke tomorrow?

Does my next partner have brown eyes?


I suggest asking an open-ended, self-help question(s). Here are some examples:

What can I do in the next 30 days to bring more love into my life?

How can I put myself out there more?

What can I do over the next 30 days to improve my financial situation?

Why do I feel _____ toward ______?

Final Question Instructions:

Please write your question down and put it somewhere safe your name, location, astrological sign, and anything else you feel the tarot needs to know in order to answer your question, and then tell me where you put it. Feel free to put any protection spells, light candles, or include momentos with the question on your end

Don't move it until your reading/session is completed.

Leave everything else to me.

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Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 7.21.19 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 7.21.29 PM.png


Because I also work in the entertainment industry,

my schedule can fluctuate unexpectedly.

I will do my best to keep my availability up to date and

accommodate you accordingly, if needed.  

Thank you for understanding.

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