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Tarot Reading Intake Form
I've had a Tarot Reading before
I've reviewed Chris' Code of Ethics.
I've reviewed Chris' Client Agreement.


I work differently than most Tarot readers as I DO NOT want to know your question before the reading, so please don't tell me before or during our session. What I will need to know is what the subject of the question is - usually career, love, money - since I don't consider myself a psychic, I at least what general direction/spread I need to use. 


Since I am not a predictive reader, asking a definitive question would not be beneficial. Examples would be:


When will I get my dream job?

When will I get married?

Where am I going to move to next year?

Will I go broke tomorrow?

Does my next partner have brown eyes?


I suggest asking an open-ended, self-help question(s). Here are some examples:

What can I do in the next 30 days to bring more love into my life?

How can I put myself out there more?

What can I do over the next 30 days to improve my financial situation?

Why do I feel _____ toward ______?



Because I also work in the entertainment industry,

my schedule can fluctuate unexpectedly.

I will do my best to keep my availability up to date and

accommodate you accordingly, if needed.  

Thank you for understanding.

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