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I have a found a solid home at 82893 Productions, with Chris Lilly and the cast and crew of Just Us Guys. Every project has it's own energy and vibe and this one is magical. I love coming to set, I am absolutely enchanted with my vlog family (in front of and behind the camera) and so very proud of our show. Just Us Guys has a great message, delivered with wit and tenderness and deserves the ever-growing audience it's finding.


Scott Hislop

 "Scott Young"  


I loved working with Chris and the whole Just Us Guys team. The creative atmosphere was so supportive and joy to be around. I so look forward to more opportunities work with them on any of their projects.

Jason Stuart 

"Principal O'Dell"

So nice to work with such a great group of people that are just doing what they love!I came on a little late in the game, but so glad to be a part of what Chris is putting out into the world. His heart is in this project 110% and you see that immediately and just want to help create what he wants. Thank you for the experience!

Ashley Araiza

Set Designer


I am excited and proud to have worked on my first 82893 project. Being in entertainment for over 7 years as a talent and producer, I have seen my fair share of successes and failures with "projects." Just Us Guys is for sure one of the successes. Chris Lilly's vision for a show that resurrects nostalgia along with emphasizing the innuendos of today's pop culture in a show that proclaims itself as a guy version of Gilmore Girls is an intricate blend of  witty humor and passion for family on film. Working with Chris behind the scenes, I can safely say that Just Us Guys is a show that must happen amongst the generation of young minds out there today. Aside from the humor and passion for family, Just Us Guys demonstrates an awareness for breast cancer, American Sign Language, and LGBT community. These are real life issues and concerns in our everyday society and to have a show able to present those topics on a television platform the way Just Us Guys does is an incredible task that I have been honored to partake in.

Andrew Caravella



The team that worked on Just Us Guys was like one big family. Everyone was passionate and dedicated toward creating something fun and meaningful.  I had a great time and met a lot of cool people."

Nathaniel Weiss

I am grateful to have been a part of the Just Us Guys cast. Going from the first audition to actually being on set with Tony, Chris, the crew, and the other actors was a great experience for me as an artist. In the tone of Elsie... SMILEY FACE!

Phylicia Goings

Very professional! A blast! 




 Kristopher Nicholas



I worked on Just Us Guys as background, but met many professionals in the entertainment industry.  Just Us Guys was exciting to film. This is a film you should see and I would work with all of them again, if asked.

Vickey Stewart

I worked with 82893 Productions on a few of their projects and they will always be one of my favorite clients to work with. Chris prides himself with a smile and fantastic communication. I look forward to working with you again very soon!



What If Ideas Design LLC



Working with 82893 Productions was a great experience! I've never been on such a positive set with so many hardworking and passionate people.

Claudia Dibbs

Having the opportunity to work on Just Us Guys as an extra was an amazing experience. The entire crew was extremely professional and friendly. I could not have asked for a better experience on set.

 Ryan Provencher

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