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Writer's Block Workshop Signups

Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays

4pm - 5pm PST

(Unless I have to cancel)

Date and time
Free / Pay What you Can

What to Expect with this Experience

An email will be sent to me and I’ll just be going down the list: first order, first serve.

Please plan to only have one aspect of your project ready to be answered. I’m aiming to keep each question to under 10 minutes. reminder that these will be LIVE readings that other will be able to watch.

If there are no other submissions, we can continue talking about your project.

Once a workshop has passed by, you lose your place in line and will need to sign up again.

No refunds for missed opportunities.


Option 1: Bumped to front of the line at the next workshop.

Option 2: Reach out to me to make a refund arrangement.

I reserve the right to make changes to this workshop's structure as I find out what is and what is not working.

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